One bird doesn't make Spring by Lonely Shepherd

friends don't stop asking why i don't

when for the words the will is lost

when the price they give, don't cost

but, pain and energy to the utmost

and then they ask whether i would

when for the rhyme i need a mood

while here in the town life is crude

no one knows, to live more if i could

i need to give my pen a breath

and on a paper ,i spit my wrath

i need a feeling soft not math

when you lost the blood it's death

i need the moutain to be strong

i need the fountain, oh , how i long !

i need to hear the twitter of bird

in the deep woods, there, is my world

the words don't come easy as before

they hurt the head and the heart's sore

they need a bird to twitter the rhyme

and a soft breeze to tune a time

if you have Spring here i don't sing

if you have butterflies, here no wing

if you have roses, i have thorns

if yours sings, here my bird mourns

it's not fair when fate is wrong

and the pit with worms throng

and the days for others are nights

and the nights for them are darks

to the world i say this word

you don't have to be poet with word

you have to be human with a feel

if you don't have that, yourself* Kill*

To my friends with my regards to *Silent One* maiinly.

my salvation

when my yoga or my outside plans fail me, I hop on the treadmill. even pushed up against the wall surrounded by wetsuits and gear, it is my salvation. it is my sanity. 

magical sunset

my flashback Friday is to celebrate the magic hour when daylight is redder and softer than other parts of the day. all sunsets are beautiful; however, there are two sunsets that were so magical to me their magic never escapes me. this sunset is from Kendwa, a village in Zanzibar in 2002, and it is one of the sunsets that I keep close to my ❤️.