charging forward

"Cows run away

from the storm while the buffalo charges toward it - and gets through it quicker. Whenever I'm confronted with a tough challenge, I do not prolong the torment, I become the buffalo." ~ Wilma Mankiller, chief of the Cherokee Nation

Photographer: StuartThurkill

used and rare

I decided to run through Japan Town when I went out for a run this evening and the next thing I know I am inside this cozy, little bookstore looking at a great collection of used and rare books instead of running. 

How have I not noticed this bookstore before now? The owner was such a joy to talk with, and his love of books and stories captivated me as he told me a story of his own. 

With all the time I had for a run spent inside Forest Books, I made my way to the grocery store to pick up dinner. While I was walking, I kept thinking about how life would indeed be boring without dreamers and their stories and naturally, I kept thinking about Jeanette Walls' love affair with her memories in The Glass Castle

Dreamers certainly can carve out a life on their own terms.

Here's to a life full of dreams and creating new stories. 

Vegas with love

LOVE is an art installation in the walkway between The Venetian and The Palazzo right now. Created by artist Laura Kimpton as part of her Monumental Word Series, the installation, perforated with bird-shaped stamps, spells LOVE in steel Ruby red letters that rise 12 feet tall and collectively span 36 feet across.

"LOVE is about being free to love who you want, the way you want...” ~ Laura Kimpton.

Museum of Ice Cream

The ice cream pop-up museums have been a hit in other cities and now the San Francisco Museum of Ice Cream is a hit. Tickets are hard to come by. Lucky me, I was invited to go on a private tour for a party to celebrate a very special young woman. The kids had a fun time, and my favorite was the unicorn and the rainbow room. Click here to learn more about the exciting museum of ice cream. 

espíritu libre

Let go of what does not serve you. 

I have heard this often over the years and right now I am letting go of an old fear that I have held on to for too long. I am walking through something that I have always avoided and it does not feel good, but I know I have to walk through this fear in order to let it go.

Keeping this spirit free sometimes requires work, however, my spirit is worth it.